Creative Birthday Card

Northwest Pearls: Birthday Card Map

I’ve seen greeting cards sold at REI before, but when I went to one REI location to buy one for a friend’s birthday, they didn’t have them. I’d been pretty set on these cards so I was disappointed when they weren’t there. But a sales associate came up with the idea to use a map as a birthday card. It was the perfect idea and she came up with it on the spot.

The only problem was that I wasn’t sure what maps he already had.

That problem almost made me give up but then I came across some thin flat paper maps and one covered a place we had gone snowshoeing. It’s not the most useful map as I doubt he’ll go back for a long time, and it covers such a small area, but it has sentimental meaning.

So I got it, folded it, and wrote “Happy Birthday!” along the front. That’s all I fit on there, I didn’t want to write more because of the map details, but I printed out a picture of him and his dog to write an actual birthday note on.

I loved how the map-card turned out, and in the future, I might even write a whole message on the map itself.

Do you have any creative card ideas?


2015+1 Graduation Gift 2016

Northwest Pearls: Graduation 2016 Gift

My brother found this idea of giving a money graduation gift for the year 2015 where you used a 20 dollar bill, a 10, and a five. He modified it to make it for 2016 (2015+1) and put this together himself as a gift for our cousin.

He rolled/folded the bills and placed them into a jewelry box and then mailed them to our cousin.

What are some crafty graduation gifts you’ve seen?

Open When…

Northwest Pearls: Letters

One of my closest friends left on a trip for six weeks and I knew I was going to miss him.

I wrote him a few letters for him to open when he’s gone. One letter was to be opened soon after he left, another on his birthday which he’ll be spending away from friends and family, another for if he’s homesick, and the last one for when his time there is halfway over.

I also included some pictures of fun things we’ve done so if he gets homesick, he can look at those.

Do you have any ideas of things to give someone before they travel for a long period of time?

DIY Envelopes

While at Marshall’s a few weeks ago I came across some pretty wrapping paper for Christmas. Because what I’m giving some people can fit in a card, I decided to make envelopes out of the new wrapping paper.

So I searched for a tutorial on how to do it and was able to do it pretty easily. I just used the tutorial, scissors, a ruler, printer paper, and glue. (To make the envelope a little less floppy, I glued the printer paper to the back of the wrapping paper before cutting it all out. That way it had a weight similar to wallpaper.)

Below is my finished product!

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

So now the envelopes coordinate with the rest of the gifts under the tree and I put a little extra love into the project.

Have you made any Christmas DIY’s recently?