My Favorite Skincare Brand Ever

Northwest Pearls: Avene Review

I’ve tried a lot of different moisturizers and cleansers. My skin has switched from being severely oily to severely dry. At my current drier-than-the-desert state, I am in love with Avene and I don’t anticipate finding anything better for a while.

I use their Clean-Ac Cleanser, Clean-Ac Hydrating Cream, Thermal Spring Water, and their Cold Cream Lip Cream. I use their cleanser and moisturizer twice a day and go between using the spring water multiple times per day to every few days. I’ve got the largest spring water bottle for home, and the smallest for my purse.

The only thing I wish they’d do was make their Clean-AC Hydrating Cream in a larger container. This is my favorite product by far and I use it twice a day so it’d be great to not have to buy it every two months. I know that sounds lazy, but the brand isn’t available at most stores so it can be hard to get without ordering online.

With how much I love the brand I’ve been wanting to try some of their other products, like their sunscreen. I did get some mini-samples of the sunscreen and found that it didn’t layer well with my makeup, but that was the body and face sunscreen, the just face kind may work better with makeup.

Have you tried any of their products?

Northwest Pearls: Bath Bombs

Lush Bath Bombs

Northwest Pearls: Bath BombsAt first, I didn’t see the excitement over Lush. But my best friends got me into the store and then my eyes were opened. I love it!

Since I don’t get in often, when I do go, I buy a couple of bombs at a time. This time I bought these three.

From front to back:

I love how the bombs smell once you’re in the bath. I could sometimes do without the biodegradable glitter/shimmer that’s left on your skin, but it’s not too bad.

What’s your favorite bath bomb?

Northwest Pearls: Bath Bombs

My Perfume

Northwest Pearls: Perfume DisplayThere isn’t much storage space in my room, or my bathroom, so most of my decorations are also things I use. My hats are hung on the wall, my nail polish lined up on a shelf, my stationery displayed on another shelf etc.

So my perfume is also displayed on a mirrored tray. The hairbrush and handheld mirror are purely for decoration, as is the painting by my grandmother.

I’ve used all of these perfumes at one point or another. Currently I’m using the Jimmy Choo the most often. I’ll usually take the Vanilla Fields to travel with because it’s less expensive, the bottle travels well, it’s small, and it’s under 3 oz.

What perfume do you like to use?

Makeup Bag

Northwest Pearls: Makeup PouchMy everyday makeup is displayed on a cakestand in my room, but when I travel, I put it all in one of my makeup bags. My best friend gave me this cute Kate Spade pouch for Christmas. It’s from The Strand book store in NYC.

Makeup from left to right:

I also use tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder and a bareMinerals blush (the color I use is discontinued.)

What makeup do you like to use?